Thank you everyone who has supported us in any way from start to finish. We are extremely grateful for all the support we have received this year from all our sponsors, the University and faculty, our wonderful lab technicians and professors, and our friends and family and many more! Thanks to you guys we were able to learn a tremendous amount from this experience from the design process and construction of this year’s toboggan to material properties and developing character and professionalism outside the classroom environment.

And so, at this year’s competition, we were one of the only thirteen teams who were able to make it down the hill, despite some major complications with the skis that arose on Race Day, placing us 12th overall out of over 20 teams. We also placed 7th in both Steering and Team Participation, as well as winning the Best Snow Fort Spirit Challenge. Finally, even while finishing our run after losing a ski and a half (having started the run with 4 skis), we placed 9th in both Fastest Run and Top Speed.

We are very excited about our toboggan’s performance this year and hope to learn from this experience to return with a new and improved sled next year!