1995: Placed 32nd in Montreal.

1996: Teams Crash and Burn placed 6th and 2nd overall in Manitoba.

1997: Team The Quick and The Dead placed 3rd for Concrete Mix Design, nominated for Best Technical Report, Best Braking Design and Best Overall Design and won People’s Choice Award. Placed 4th overall on home turf.

1998: Both teams in Top 5 for Concrete Mix Design, Technical Report and Display, and Breaking Design in Calgary.

1999: Team Thunder placed 1st for Speed, 3rd for Spectacular Run and 2nd overall, while Team Lightning placed 2nd for Spirit and 3rd for Break Design in Waterloo.

2000: Carleton Longswords placed 1st in Design, Speed, Aesthetics, and Super Structure, 3rd in Time, Brake Design and Tech Ex, and 3rd overall in Regina.

2002: Carleton Vikings won Spirit Award (with some help from McMasters) in Winnipeg.

2003: Fastest team, twice faster than the rest, reaching speeds of 55 km/h in Edmonton.

2004: Teams Oompa Loompa and Mike Weir Wins The Masters compete on home turf.

2005: Carleton Stonecutters placed 2nd for Tech Ex and Spirit, and 1st for Race Day, Best Breaking System, and best overall in Waterloo.

2006: Teams Zissou and Virgin Air compete in Montreal. Team Zissou placed 10th for Tech Ex, 7th for Race Day, 2nd for Team Spirit and 6th overall.

2007: Carleton Channel 4 placed 8th overall and won the Andrew Dunbar Award for Excellence in Winnipeg. Team Smurf (4th-Year Project team) won Tech Ex and Most Spectacular Run.

2008: Carleton 300 places 7th overall and tied 2nd for Team Spirit in Sherbrooke. Team Robust (alumni team) placed 3rd in the Alumni Category.

2009: Carleton Acme Inc. celebrated the 20th GNCTR hosted by University of Calgary in Red Deer.

2010: Carleton Runnings won People’s Choice Award and Technical Report Award, tied for 2nd for Tech Ex and placed 5th overall in Hamilton.

2011: Carleton Expendables placed 3rd in Tech Ex in Edmonton.

2012: Carleton’s South Park-themed team placed 6th overall and 2nd in Breaking Distance in Calgary.

2013: Carleton’s jolly Christmas-themed team competed in Vancouver.

2014: Carleton Officials competed in the 40th anniversary competition in London.

2015: Carleton’s Master Builders won the Mr. Rogers Award in Kelowna.

2016: Carleton’s Tikibogg won Best Concrete Mix and Most Sustainable Design in Ottawa.

2017: Carleton’s Starboggs won 3rd in Sustainability in Waterloo.

2018: Carleton’s Bogg It On competed in the 45th anniversary competition in Edmonton.