Year & Program: 3rd Year Civil Engineering
Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Why GNCTR? GNCTR is a fantastic way to meet new people and take part in the engineering community. I got a lot of hands-on experience in materials testing and using the civil lab and machine shop before I was even in second year. I made a bunch of new friends from universities across Canada at the competition. I had the opportunity to network with industry members from various companies, and GNCTR is definitely the most fun design team to be involved with.

Role: As a Head Captain, I deal with a lot of the administration and logistics of the team. This includes registration, transport, and dealing with the faculty. In addition, I oversee the rest of the team to ensure everything else is on track for us to compete in Waterloo.

Fun Fact: I believe Katy Perry is the songbird of our time and if you disagree with that then you should just leave right now.